Rhythm of Life

We shouldn’t let our old appliances dictate the rhythm of our life.  This is the concept behind our latest ad for OTP Bank Albania.

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The green suit

Spreading joy and handing gifts to kids was not the only original tradition that Santa followed this season. This end of the year Santa wore the original green suit too, to make dreams come true.

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MEANT FOR GREATNESS is the latest of the series and a brand image commercial that plays with magical realism, creating unreal situations where we can see people’s greatness in their “natural habitat”. The campaign reflects their potential developing through the “lenses” of OTP Bank Albania wide portfolio of products and services, always aiming to improve and develop their clients lifestyle and dreams.

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Where did they get the money?

Buying a new house is considered a very complicated, expensive action. Especially when someone achieves it while being young it is considered a dubious financial activity.

We were inspired by this very vivid social discussion surrounding loans and mortgages to create our “Ku i gjeti lekët?” (where did they get the money) campaign. The campaign promoted a very simple image of a house loan process while “letting others gossip” about your new home.

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