Your speed is your superpower

Your speed is your superpower visualises how SuperFibra by ALBtelecom spins the world at our own speed.

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Just Say ‘Super Family’

Super Family is one of ALBtelecom most successful products and now it includes several services in one, by also providing unlimited mobile internet. We promoted the fantastic product features in this TVC through CGI effects and catchy dialogue between our characters which are also famous actors and celebrities in real life.

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Super Stacioni

Super Stacioni was a multidimensional outreach campaign where ALBtelecom aimed to bring digitalisation all over Albania, simultaneously organising educational activities, local festivals with the most famous and celebrated artists in Albania and meeting local partners.

The platform was developed all over Albania and it resulted in a series of live and digital events, which achieved the highest brand awareness results achieved in Albania by a single campaign.

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“Amarantia” is the main character and a “digital” assistant in a series that aimed to target the audiences and to help them choose the right ALBtelecom offers and products for their needs. The brand image series were developed based on the local folk element of rhapsody while maintaining a very fresh and digital feeling of the communications.

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What your heart beats for

The telecommunication industry is widely perceived only in technological services and products. Meanwhile our client ALBtelecom covers all aspects of the daily life of their customers with their most extended variety of products in market. Daily rituals are made of precious moments and heartbeats. With an emotional positioning, we used the heartbeats to pace all the steps of life, asking at the end “What does your heart beat for?”

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At the Right Time

At the Right Time represents a prime example of content advertising.

In the fall of 2018 we launched for ALBtelecom a communication platform that shot the brand at top levels of awareness in the Albanian audience: a web-series, with content developed across all channels.

The series was praised by the traditional media as a great innovation for the advertising industry in Albania, and by the new media with an incredible amount of user-generated content circulating on social media.

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